After six years of research, I can say now with certainty:


I have came up with a fundamental solution for the Iran's economical problems.


With a great advantage for the public benefits.


With specific features and characteristics described as:


A- Control and prevent the destructive effects of exchange rate on economy of Iran


B- Eliminating Subsidy from Iran's Economy


C- Reducing interest rates in Iran's banks


D- Control effect of Liquidity




Many of the economic solutions are ambiguous, or in many cases you have to wait to realize the effect of applied solution.


But my solution has these benefits:


 + Through one week review, it's possible to determine its applications and outcomes for the future


 +  No trial and error


 +  Paying the price of the solution to me will be after confirmation by the experts of the parliament


For this purpose, I have sent  Three letters to the government and I hope the government will consider it.


RezaTaherinejad  Kerman IRAN

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